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How to start trading
Trading on an exchange allows you to earn money on fluctuations of cryptocurrency exchange rates. You buy at one price and sell at a different price. This method works for both trading and long-term investment when you buy cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate and sell it after a certain period of time.
How to start trading on an exchange?
Step 1
First, top up your wallet on the exchange.
To do this, click the 'Wallet' section and select the cryptocurrency you want to send to your account.
The 'Entry' screen will display your address for subsequent transfers. Transfer the relevant amount in cryptocurrency to this address.
After your transaction is approved the required number of times, the relevant amount is displayed on your account.
Step 2
Now you can start trading on the exchange. Go to the 'Exchange' section.
Step 3
Create an order and specify the conditions you want. To do this:
Select the trading pair.
Create a buy/sell order. Please, bear in mind that you can buy/sell cryptocurrency instantaneously using the existing orders created by other users. To do this, select the price you want. If, however, you want to buy/sell cryptocurrency at a more favorable price, select the price you want and wait until other users respond to your order.
Step 4
When the transaction is complete, the relevant amount in cryptocurrency is displayed on your account + you receive a relevant notification. If your order is not completely closed, i. e. you only buy/sell a part of the cryptocurrency, you're notified of this development, and the remaining order amount continues to be traded automatically. In other words, the cryptocurrency in your order may be bought/sold in part.