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Buy/sell cryptocurrencies rapidly in 1 click
Exchange cryptocurrencies rapidly and safely in automatic mode using the current exchange rate. You receive funds immediately after they're transferred to your account, and you don't have to bother with trading.
How to buy/sell cryptocurrency
for fiat money on a p2p platform. Exchanger
How exchange is made:
Step 1
Select the cryptocurrency you want to sell and the cryptocurrency you want to buy. Click 'Next'.
Step 2
Enter the amount you want to buy/sell, and the system will automatically calculate the exchange amount and display the estimated amount you're going to receive.
Step 3
Specify the address you want to transfer cryptocurrency to and your e-mail address. Click 'Next'.
Step 4
This creates an exchange order with a certain number. You're redirected to the order page.
Step 5
Transfer the exchange amount to the specified address.
Step 6
After your transaction is approved the specified number of times, the relevant cryptocurrency is automatically transferred to your address.