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World-class security thanks to our ESCROW system

To protect you while trading on SIGEN, we have deployed a cutting-edge international escrow system.
Basically, SIGEN guarantees the security of your transaction by acting as a third party that puts the seller's cryptocurrency into escrow (locks them) at the time of the transaction.
Locked cryptocurrency cannot be double-traded, withdrawn, or spent. The locked amount is released (transferred to the buyer's account) only when the seller receives payment from the buyer.
In summary:
If you sell cryptocurrency on our website, you can rest assured that you will receive payment from the buyer first, and only then will your cryptocurrency be transferred to the buyer's account.
If the buyer turns out to be unreliable and suddenly decides not to pay you for the cryptocurrency, you will get your cryptocurrency back.
If you're the buyer, you can be certain you will get the cryptocurrency as soon as you make payment to the seller.
It's perfect—everybody gets what they expect :-)
This pattern is used in many successful companies recognized around the world, such as eBay, WebMoney, AliExpress, and others.

Our Rating System and Social Trust Scores protect you from unreliable users

Do you want to immediately determine how reliable an SIGEN user is?
You don't need to try very hard :-)
View user profiles and check their reputation.
Where can you find it?
Look for the Social Trust Score and User Rating (which reflect completed transactions and user feedback).
Each user has his or her own Social Trust Score, which depends on the availability of scanned personal IDs, and profile data from various social media platforms, forums, and cryptocurrency services.
A User Rating on SIGEN depends on the number of completed transactions and feedback from other users.

Two-factor authentication protects you from attacks

SIGEN is not an international bank with a three-storey safe :-)
But we've still decided to protect you from petty thieves and from bad people in general—just in case.
To do this, we use two-factor authentication.
It secures your account against prying eyes and unauthorized access.
You can activate one or more methods of two-factor authentication—you choose:
  • Authentication code in a text message. Link your mobile phone number to your personal account on the platform. After signing in using your username and password, you will receive a text message with a secret code. This code is only known to you. The system prompts you to enter it into a corresponding field to access your account.
  • Authentication code in an email message. After signing in using your username and password, you will receive an email message with a secret code. Use this code to access your account.
  • Paper codes. You receive a list of secret codes. Print and/or save it. You must enter one of these codes when you access your account.
  • Google Authenticator. Install this app on your Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone device or on your computer. When you access your account, use the app to scan the barcode or enter it manually and get a unique activation code every 30 seconds. Enter the code in the appropriate field each time you access your account or confirm actions within the system.
These protections ensure that hackers cannot use your account even if they can have your account password.