5 Reasons why SIGEN Is Safe and Reliable | SIGEN.pro

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You can rely on SIGEN like you rely on yourself.
To make this possible, we go above and beyond.
Trade cryptocurrency confidentially in a calm, safe, and transparent environment.
Here are 5 reasons to believe:

  1. Our ESCROW system.
  2. Our The Rating System and the Social Trust Scoring ensure users act responsibly.
  3. Two-factor authentication prevents malicious users from gaining access to your account and personal details.
  4. We ensure that users enjoy the utmost confidentiality.
  5. SIGEN's online consultants are available 24 hours a day.

- Reliability for the cryptocurrency buyer.

For the buyer, our ESCROW system guarantees that cryptocurrency are put into escrow (locked) in the seller's account when the transaction begins. They cannot go missing (e.g. be sold twice).
This lets the buyer safely transfer money to the seller's account. As soon as the seller confirms the funds have been received, the purchased cryptocurrency are moved to the buyer's SIGEN account.

- Reliability for the cryptocurrency seller.

Cryptocurrencylocked in the seller's account are transferred to the buyer only after the seller confirms receipt of payment.
Sellers can be confident they will be paid for their cryptocurrency before waving goodbye to their cryptocurrency. Buyers must pay to play :-)
If the buyer doesn’t come through and refuses to pay for any reason, the Sigen algorithm will automatically select another counterparty for the seller
Or the cryptocurrency will be released and again become available for other transactions.
We do not work with fraudsters. Users with bad reputations are permanently removed from the system. Our automatic algorithm only selects reliable counterparties.
Hackers cannot access your account, even if they know your password. Our authorization procedure requires one-time codes known only to you.
All personal details, including your phone number, payment details, email address, and other data, are only available to you.
Sometimes we think technical support personnel are robots. Actually, they will address your needs individually and in depth – as if you're sitting in a shrink's office. :-)