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Social trust level and User rating is actually your virtual business card in SIGEN.
Part of it you fill in, in part - we (platform SIGEN).
However, do not be afraid - we do not lead the history of "illnesses", as in the hospital card :-)
We do not care where and how much you change the Crypt. It is important for us the number of transactions you have conducted with us, as well as feedback from other users.
This is beneficial to you.
And that's why.
Social trust strong> is a measure of the user's reliability, which changes only when the identity verification documents are loaded. It is replenished also on the basis of information from online profiles of social. networks, forums and Crypto-currency services.
The more confirmed information you have about yourself, the higher the level of trust you get in the SIGEN project.
A high level of trust allows you to make large volumes of trades per month than all the rest (learn more here) .

The user rating strong> affects the number of transactions made and positive reviews in SIGEN.
After full execution of each application, you evaluate the opponent on a ten-point scale. The overall user rating is defined as the arithmetic mean of the estimates, multiplied by ten and rounded to the tenth.
Can not understand anything? The site will automatically calculate - do not worry. :-)
Pleasant trifle: with an increase in the rating for you decreases commission SIGEN with each transaction (the reduction occurs after 20 deals).
User's rating and Social trust level are for each user. Know, you can evaluate people even before the transaction and choose only reliable counterparties. Span> p>