How to sell SPA on the P2P platform |

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Step 1. Create a sale offer.

Create an offer for cryptocurrency sale and specify your transaction terms and conditions: method of payment, currency, exchange period and other conditions.

Use extra options when creating offers to save time and sell cryptocurrency at your preferred rate.

Choose one of the options:

multi-offers (create a single offer with multiple conditions regarding currencies, rates, etc. instead of creating a bunch of offers);

deferred offers (your offer is activated when the rate reaches your preferred level).

When you created an offer, you can also select the cryptocurrency rate and fix it at a certain level (if the rate goes below this level, your offer is auto-locked).

Based on your criteria, the SIGEN algorithm auto-selects a suitable cryptocurrency buyer from anywhere in the world.

Step 2. Approval of transaction terms and conditions.

As soon as the buyer is found, a notification is sent to you.

You only have to agree on the final terms of the transaction through an online chat (amount, method of payment, currency, terms) or perform an exchange instantaneously.

Have you got a deal? It's time to start the exchange procedure.

Step 3. Sell cryptocurrency.

Before you create an offer for cryptocurrency sale, fill your wallet at our website.

When the offer is created, the specified amount is automatically put into escrow (locked) in SIGEN.

The funds are secured until you receive payment for cryptocurrency from the buyer.

As soon as the buyer transfers payment to your account, you can finally start leaping for joy :-)

Remember to confirm receipt of funds at the website though. After this the locked cryptocurrency are transferred to the happy buyer's account.

Congratulations, your transaction has been completed!