How to buy SPA on the P2P platform |

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Step 1. Create a purchase offer by specifying your preferable terms.

Creating an offer at our website is easier than buying bread at a store.

Create an offer and specify your preferred payment method, currency, amount, transfer waiting time.

Use extra options when creating offers to save time and sell cryptocurrency at your preferred rate.

You've got an extensive range of options:

multi-offers (with varying terms regarding currencies, rates, etc.);

deferred offers (these are auto-activated when the cryptocurrency rate reaches your preferred level).

While creating an offer, you can also fix the rate at a value you select (to purchase/sell cryptocurrency at the rate you want).

The system algorithm syncs cryptocurrency sale and purchase offers and selects the most suitable ones.

In other words, SIGEN automatically finds a cryptocurrency seller that matches your criteria perfectly.

You just need to launch your offer and wait for counter-offers.

As soon as there's a matching offer, you are sent a notification.

All you need to do now is agreeing on the final exchange terms with the seller using personal messages (online chat at the website).

Step 2. Transfer money to the seller's account.

After the transaction terms are agreed, transfer payment for cryptocurrency to the seller's account. As proof of payment, attach a transaction screenshot to the transaction history.

No worries. While you make the transfer, your cryptocurrency won't get away.

They are locked at the seller's account until the seller receives your payment and confirms it.

Step 3. Yay! The cryptocurrency are at your account.

As soon as the seller receives the funds and confirms it, cryptocurrency that were put into escrow from the seller's account at the start of the transaction are transferred to your account automatically.

And you receive a notification about the successful completion of the transaction.

Congratulations, your transaction has been completed!