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Join the SIGEN double partnership program and make money with us! Each month we share a percentage of our profits with the most active users.
In the first month* of the project we will share 80 % of the profits!
40 % will be distributed evenly among the most active traders.
To become an active trader, you must purchase or sell cryptocurrency worth at least $2,500 within a month. If you do, you will become a Senior Trader and receive the promised bonus. :-)

Remember that we consider your overall monthly trading volume. For example, you qualify in each of the following cases:

  • You've sold cryptocurrency worth $2,500.
  • You've bought cryptocurrency worth $2,500.
  • You've bought cryptocurrency worth $1,500 and sold cryptocurrency worth $1,000.
Another 40% will be distributed evenly among users who have built the biggest teams of traders.
How many people do you need to have on your team and how much are you awarded?
When you invite people to trade on SIGEN, you create your own team of traders. It consists of all users invited by you or your partners.
This is how you set up your own “gang” of active traders :-)
To get the bonus, you must have at least 10 traders on your team.
More importantly, they cannot simply lounge about.
Each of your team members must purchase and/or sell cryptocurrency worth over $2,500 in the current month. A user with such a team is considered a “Team Leader”.
There's another detail to keep in mind.
As a team leader, you must also purchase/sell cryptocurrency worth at least $2,500 in the month to get the bonus.
Consider the following example.
  1. You've got a team of 10–15 traders, each of whom has sold/bought cryptocurrency worth over $2,500. You, on the other hand, have bought cryptocurrency worth $1,500 and sold cryptocurrency worth $1,000, meaning your personal trading volume is $2,500. Congratulations, you will receive the bonus!
  2. Each member of your team, which consists of at least 10 traders, has completed transactions worth over $2,500. You, however, have “frittered away” your time this month. :-) In this case, you don't get the partnership bonus.
Your trading volume (purchases and sales) and your team's trading volume are calculated and bonuses are awarded on the 1st day of each month based on the previous month’s results.
If you've reached the minimum trading volume or you’ve built a team with enough members, you can expect to receive a congratulatory letter and account notification. You can track your numbers and achievements in the corresponding section of your account.
After the monthly bonus is paid, the values are reset.
Do you want to be on the list of the most active traders again?
Move ahead — break your previous record, and it’s a done deal! :-)

Hurry to be among the users who will get 80% of the Company's profit in the first month the SIGEN platform is operating!

Let's calculate how much you would receive even if the Company's profits are extremely modest.
If SIGEN profits amount to $10,000, $8,000 will be allocated to the partnership program. This is the minimum possible profit. In real life, cryptocurrency services receive much higher revenues.
In this case $4,000 will be distributed among Senior Traders. If there are 100 Senior Traders, each of them would be awarded $40 ($4,000/100).
The remaining $4,000 will be distributed among Team Leaders. If there are 20 Team Leaders, each of them will get $200 ($4,000/20).

Join our partnership program and don't miss your chance to get awesome bonuses!

*This offer may be extended, cancelled, or modified at any time without prior notice.