8 Reasons to use the SIGEN P2P Platform | SIGEN.pro

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1. Transparency.

SIGEN is a “peer to peer” (from one person to another) platform. It's transparent and direct, and has no intermediaries.
In the near future, all world-class companies will adopt a “peer to peer” model. Many successful companies have already done so, e.g. eBay, AirBnb, Uber, and others.

2. Maximum security.

  • We use an escrow system to secure each of your transactions.
  • It's nice and simple.
    The system automatically locks cryptocurrency in the seller's account as soon as the seller posts a sale offer.
    These cryptocurrency are unlocked if the offer is cancelled before a transaction begins (e.g. you don't want to sell your cryptocurrency anymore).
    If the buyer sends payment for the cryptocurrency to the seller's account and the happy seller confirms receipt of the funds, then the locked cryptocurrency are transferred to the buyer's account.
    Before the buyer decides to purchase cryptocurrency from anyone, the system confirms that the potential seller owns the required number of cryptocurrency .
    Our ESCROW system prevents fraud, protects you during transactions, and saves a lot of time.
  • Social Trust Scores and User Ratings are yet another “safety feature” for you.
  • View user profiles and check a potential counterparty’s reputation before starting a transaction.
    What you see is the user's rating, the number of transactions he or she has completed, and feedback from other users. This information helps you understand whether this counterparty is reliable – before you start to trading with them.
  • We use two-factor authentication to secure your account.
  • What does this mean?
    We use cutting-edge encryption to protect your account and personal data from unauthorized access.
    Hackers will not be able to take over your account even if they have your account password.

3. Transactions are almost free of charge.

Our fees are really the lowest of the low, when compared to similar services.
For details, see hear.

4. Super opportunities for saving time and money.

Our platform is the only place that gives you 3 additional opportunities to refine your offers. This can save you time and a load of money.
  • Set your preferred exchange rate.
  • For instance, you don't want to sell cryptocurrency and lose money if the rate is below your preferred level. Or you have no intention of overpaying by buying cryptocurrencyat a high price.
    If that's the case, simply set the cryptocurrency sale/purchase exchange rate at your preferred level when creating an offer.
    If the exchange rate is “in a sour mood” today and moves away from your selected value, your offer will be automatically deactivated. When the rate becomes good again, your offer will be activated.
    We are always on your side :-)
  • Schedule a delayed sale/purchase.
  • Do you want to “hit the jackpot” and get the best rate for selling or purchasing cryptocurrency without lifting your finger?
    Create a delayed transaction. To do this, specify your preferred exchange rate for a cryptocurrency sale/purchase.
    The best thing is that you don't have to monitor the rate and sleep by your computer: SIGEN will activate your offer at the right time.
  • Create a multi-offer — a single offer with multiple conditions.
  • With SIGEN, you'll forget what it's like to type offers over and over again with different conditions.
    On our platform it will take you 5 minutes to create a SINGLE sale/purchase offer instead of multiple offers.
    Use this offer to indicate multiple conditions regarding currencies, countries, payment systems, or banks. The system selects the most suitable partners for you based on these conditions.
    You don't have to track or look for anything.
    More importantly, SIGEN calculates your account balance and prevents situations where you don't have enough funds to purchase cryptocurrency or enough cryptocurrency to sell.

5. Any transaction is closed in 15 minutes in just a few steps.

SIGEN uses cutting-edge technologies.
This means on platform will let you execute cryptocurrency transactions at lightning speed :-)
A transaction takes just a few minutes to complete.
Sign up on SIGEN (2–3 minutes), create an offer (2 minutes), and the system will instantaneously select a counterparty for you.
On average, completing a deal takes 15 minutes (or more, depending on how fast you can find the right counterparty).
Unlike other platforms, we don't require you to fill your wallet immediately when you sign up.
Complete your profile and start trading cryptocurrency right away :-)

6. Personal wallet and fast withdrawals.

You can create your own wallet on SIGEN to store your cryptocurrency. And hide them from your spouse. :-)
This lets you more quickly complete your transactions and withdraw cryptocurrency.

7. Earn money in our double partnership program.

Join the SIGEN double partnership program and receive nice monthly partner bonuses based on the platform’s overall profits.
In the first month of the project, we will set aside 80 % of overall profits (40% to be distributed among the most active traders and another 40% to be distributed among users who have built the biggest teams of traders).
Bonuses are awarded monthly if you meet the following conditions of the partnership program.
To become an active trader, you must have a trading volume of $2,500 in the current month. 40% of the profits are distributed among all active traders (including you) based on each month's results.
Another 40% of partnership bonuses are distributed among users who have built up a team of 10 or more users (to do this, you and your invited partners must invite new users to trade on our platform by sending them your personal partner link).
For you to receive bonuses, each member of your team (at least 10 users) must complete cryptocurrency transactions worth at least $2,500 in the current month. As the team leader, you must also purchase and/or sell cryptocurrency worth $2,500 or more in the month.
For details see here.

8. 24-hour online support

If you've got a question related to cryptocurrency or if your cat doesn't feel well, feel free to contact our 24/7 online support service.
Our consultants are always there to answer your questions or just support you by saying how sorry they are about your cat. :-)