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SIGEN is a platform for you if you want to purchase/sell/trade cryptocurrency for any currency (even currencies you've never heard of before, like the balboa, guarani, tugrik, etc.) :-)

Our website is designed for people who appreciate fast decisions and convenient cryptocurrency trading. To reassure you, we've made transactions as secure as a Swiss bank.

It doesn't matter where you live. In Honduras, Ethiopia, or anywhere else, you have access to every SIGEN advantage: the ability to quickly and securely sell/purchase/trade cryptocurrency. And you receive all of this for minuscule fees you've certainly never seen anywhere else.

As for our name, “SIGEN” is derived from two words: SIGma + ENergy. Sigma (Σ) is a Greek letter that symbolizes knowledge, and Energy is associated with vitality and constant progress.

We chose these words, because we are trying to begin a new stage in the evolution of cryptocurrencies and unleash as much vitality as possible and direct it for the benefit of all people.