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We won’t burden you with a lengthy “research paper” on SIGEN’s goals and other details probably of little interest to you.
We'd rather be brief and to the point.
We admit that we launched this project simply to make money and help you do the same. :-)
But that's not the most important thing.
We want to create a decentralized financial system where anyone in the world can trade cryptocurrency directly, without intermediaries, taxes, or huge fees.
In fact, that's the main idea behind the global cryptocurrency community. And we encourage it.
Examining our platform a little more closely, we see that it promotes “cryptocurrency for the masses” and helps ordinary people without the slightest programming skill to start using cryptocurrency.
Our main goal is to accelerate the spread of the cryptocurrency system throughout the world and help everyone using cryptocurrency achieve financial freedom.
The SIGEN team includes professionals from all over the globe, each working to realize this goal.
None of our activities violates or contravenes national laws as users VOLUNTARILY trade cryptocurrency on the platform and are fully aware of the associated risks.