How does the SIGEN P2P Platform work |

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All transactions on SIGEN are extremely simple and secure. Moreover, you can choose the most favorable conditions.

3 steps towards exchange


Create a sparta sale/purchase offer on the website and specify your preferred conditions: a convenient payment method, currency, exchange period, etc.
The SIGEN algorithm automatically selects sparta sale and purchase offers that match your specified conditions.


When a counterparty (buyer/seller) is found, SIGEN will notify you. Use our online chat to finalize the terms and conditions of the transaction with your counterparty (payment method, currency, period, amount).
After an agreement is reached, the trade procedure begins.


When the transaction is begins, the amount of sparta specified by the seller in the sale offer (announcement) is automatically locked (put into escrow) on SIGEN.
The buyer transfers money to the seller's account. As soon as the seller confirms that the money has been received, the previously locked sparta are transferred to the buyer's account.
Congratulations, your transaction is complete! It's that simple!

On SIGEN, you can create a whitelist and blacklist of counterparties. If you do, you will only be matched with users on your whitelist, while counterparties on your blacklist will be ignored. You can also initiate a trade with any user of your choice by disabling the system’s automatic counterparty selection algorithm. Find a counterparty by using search criteria or select a counterparty from your list of favorites.