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Dear friends, we have the changes:
For more convenient trade in pairs of ETH / LTC, DASH / PZM was replaced with LTC / ETH, PZM / DASH.

Now you have even more opportunities for earning.
With best regards, SIGEN team
Dear friends! Our platform continues to develop, create new opportunities for earnings and become for you all better and more convenient.
We welcome you with 3 news:
1. In the near future, the promising young crypto currency Autocoin (AUC) will be added for trading. It will be traded in pairs of SPA / AUC and AUC / BTC.
2. The SPARTA crypto currency, which has huge potential, was added for trading in pairs to 3 more crypto-currencies: SPA / BCH, SPA / ETC, SPA / ZEC.
3. For greater convenience, the SPA couples to DASH and PZM are "turned over". Now they look like this: SPA / DASH and SPA / PZM. For security purposes, existing orders for the previous version of the pairs were canceled, and the funds were returned to the accounts.
We hope you liked the news. We are constantly working on improving the platform to make it more convenient for you!
Sincerely, SIGEN!
Dear friends, We have two wonderful pieces of news for you:
1. For more convenient trading, ETH/SPA pair has been substituted for SPA/ETH.
2. Two new trading pairs have been added. DASH/PZM and DASH/SPA.

Now you have even more earning opportunities.
Best regards, SIGEN Team
PRIZM trading has been resumed

Dear friends, all issues with the PRIZM (PZM) cryptocurrency have been fixed and it is available for trading again! You can start trading PZM right away!

Sincerely yours,

Added new crypto currency!

Dear friends, great news! On the platform SIGEN added new crypto currency in all three directions - the exchange, P2P-platform and exchanger.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • DASH
  • Zcash (ZEC)

For bidding, they are available in a pair to the BTC.

These are popular TOPS coins, which are very popular with traders and investors. Now you have even more opportunities for earning. Start using them now. Good luck!

Sincerely, SIGEN!


Dear friends, we've got great news for you — a new cryptocurrency has been listed to be traded on our exchange, P2P platform and instant exchanger. The SIGEN platform has added PRIZM (PZM) to its portfolio. This cryptocurrency has a fast-growing audience and unique features.

PRIZM's Features and Advantages:
  • Rapid transactions. Block generation in the PRIZM network takes only 59 seconds.  It's a lot faster than for most other cryptocurrencies.
  • Fixed fee — 0.5% of the transfer amount, but no more than 10 PZM.  While other tokens use a floating fee for all transactions, in the PRIZM network the fee is fixed on the level of 0.5% of the transfer amount. However, once the fee reaches 10 PZM, it’s fixed on this level and does not grow regardless of the transaction size. In other words, even if you make a transfer of 10,000,000 PZM, you’ll still be charged with a fee of 10 PZM.
  • Paramining Based on Proof-of-Stake. This is a unique and easy way to mine new coins developed specifically for PRIZM. Paramining does not require powerful computers, and the reward depends on the account balance. The more coins a miner owns, the bigger the reward is. To start paramining, you only need to transfer tokens to your account, and coin mining will start automatically. All you will have left to do is watch your account balance grow continuously.
  • Partnership Program. Paramining also allows you to get a reward for bringing in new users which is not an option with other cryptocurrencies. If you build your own structure, your reward for paramining will rise. The more tokens your referrals own, the bigger your reward will be.

More about PRIZM (PZM)
Start trading now! -

P. S. Please note that we have no fees charged for cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals while the transaction fee is just 0.1%.

Happy investing and trading!
Sincerely yours,
SIGEN team

Dear friends, Ethereum (ETH) — the leader of crypto market –– has been added to the platform. Ethereum is known as the world’s second-most popular cryptocurrency by market capitalization (over $63 billion) having millions of users.  Now you can use our exchange, P2P platform and instant exchanger for transactions with one of the world's leading cryptocurrency.


Ethereum's Features and Advantages:


●      Transaction speed is a few seconds. In Ethereum the block generation time is set from 5 to 30 seconds and the network betters Bitcoin’s 10-minute transaction speed or Litecoin's 2.5 minutes by using the Ghost protocol.


●      Transaction cost is a few cents. In the Ethereum network transaction fees do not depend on the transfer amount, and cost only a few cents.


●      Blockchain 2.0. Ethereum is a new stage in the evolution of cryptocurrencies. It is not only a cryptocurrency but also a powerful decentralized blockchain platform where it is easy to create smart-contracts, release new tokens and blockchain-based projects. The function implemented in ERC-20 token standard helps the web client to interact with token and blockchain more efficient and fast.


●      Profitable mining. It is a lot easier to mine Ethereum than Bitcoin as Ethereum mining does not require as powerful equipment as Bitcoin miners use. An Ethereum mine can mine ETH independently without joining a mining pool. Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the ETH supply in unlimited, and the reward for mining doesn't half every four years.


Now, the SIGEN platform supports ERC-20 token standard and soon we will add new tokens you will be able to trade and make more profit.


More about Ethereum (ETH) -

Start trading now! -


P. S. Please note that we have no fees charged for cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals while the transaction fee is just 0.1%.


Happy investing and trading!

Best regards,



Supporting SPARTA network operations and getting a reward in the form of SPA tokens is a lot easier now!


We’ve released a new version of node software — 1.0.1. The update includes a patch for minor bugs and the much-anticipated, easy-to-use interface for forging which will facilitate support of network operations and receipt of reward. We recommend all owners of SPARTA nodes to migrate to the new version.


Thus, you can easily launch and rapidly set up forging — please, see the step-by-step guideline below. The new app supports all operating systems: Windows, Linux and MacOS.


How to use a new application:


1. Install and run it on your computer. (To run the application you may need to install Java version 8 or later first. Go to to download and install it.)


2. Open the following webpage in your browser: After you run the app, blockchain download will start.


3. When the download is over, enter your mnemonic phrase in the relevant box.


4. Click the “Start Forging” button. This is it! After you click the button, you will see the forging process begin.


Your computer now supports the SPARTA network operations and, if all conditions are met, has a fair chance to generate a block and receive a reward.



  • Closing this tab will not shut down the app. In other words, even if you close the tab in your browser, forging will be carried on in the background. However, the computer must remain powered.
  • Clicking the "Shutdown Node" button will completely shut down the app (shut down the process on the computer).


How to start forging:


1. Create a SPARTA wallet and add SPA tokens to your account. A minimum of 888 tokens are required to start forging.  The more tokens you have, the more chances you have to create blocks and receive rewards.

  • If you have between 888 and 999,999 SPA (inclusive) in an account, you receive only the sum of the transaction fees.
  • If you have 1,000,000 SPA or more in an account, you are also awarded newly created SPA tokens.

2. Complete an outbound transfer. This is necessary to display your public key in the SPARTA network. You can only begin forging after this transaction has received at least 1440 confirmations.

3. Run a special application for forging on your computer. After the application is started, it automatically begins supporting the SPARTA network. When a block is created, you receive a reward.

  • If the miner has 1,000,000 SPA or more in an account, he or she is also awarded newly created SPA tokens.

Buy SPARTA and start forging right away!

Support the operation of the SPARTA, forge SPA and join us in building a new future!


Forging application -

Create a wallet -

More about earning by forging  -


Best regards,

the SPARTA Team

What one feature of cryptocurrencies must an investor take into consideration when deciding on an investment strategy. This is volatility.


Pros and cons of volatility


Volatility, i.e. fluctuation in value, is both a pro and a con of cryptocurrencies. The downside is that the price can collapse, precipitously and very rapidly. In an instant, investments can bring losses instead of profits. The upside is that the price can also skyrocket. Insignificant investments can multiply not hundreds, but thousands of times.


However, over the long term, the price of cryptocurrencies is unequivocally rising, and this is certainly a plus. At least the leading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, have been showing steady growth for several years now.


Basic investment strategies


Thus, there are two basic strategies for investing in cryptocurrencies:


-        Make long-term investments of no more than 20% of your monthly income, according to experienced investors. It is best to do this at regular intervals, such as once a month. Another option is to invest a large lump sum (available money) somewhere for at least a year. And don't forget your wallet password!


-        Make short-term investments in the hope of rapid price growth and with a high risk of losses. In this case, investing is more like gambling, so you should never invest an amount which, if lost, would worsen your quality of life. It should be an amount that you can afford to lose painlessly. You can also invest saved money that you normally would have squandered on all sorts of trifles, alcohol, games, etc.


You decide which strategy to use, but be sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons. We wish you success in your trading and investments!

Bitcoin is on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days, as the decentralized currency has breached many all-time highs month after month. 2017 has been spectacular as far as the currency’s value is concerned, with bitcoin rising over 700 percent this year alone. For instance, back in January the price finally breached $1,000 per BTC, but then kept roaring all year long. On October 7 the price surpassed $4,500 which was half of what it is today, and you could have bought the dip on November 12 when the price was $5,850. Although the present value of bitcoin has astonished many, how quickly it has risen has been a shock to most. The currency is now being taken very seriously by naysayers, with it’s massive $150B market capitalization. At press time the price per BTC is at an all-time high of $9020 per token.  

Milestone After Milestone, Bitcoin Just Won’t Quit

The cryptocurrency’s market price isn’t the only milestone of bitcoin’s ninth year of life. The currency is being used more than ever before – as there are roughly 250,000-375,000 transactions confirmed on the network every single day. Further, well over three-quarters of the cryptocurrency has been mined so far leaving just 4.3M bitcoin’s left to mine. Bitcoin mining is more profitable than ever – with 24 pools splitting the current hashrate. Right now, the biggest mining pools in the industry as far as hashrate is concerned include Antpool, Viabtc,, Slush, and Hashrate itself is massive, as miners at press time are processing over 10 exahash per second, and on October 24 the hashrate surpassed 12.5 exahash. In contrast to the positive news regarding bitcoin during 2017, the network has experienced congestion and significantly higher fees this year as well.

Technical Indicators

Looking at the charts since our last markets update, we can see some massive resistance up to $9300. During our previous analysis, the two 100 & 200 Simple Moving Averages (SMA) were parting ways after crossing paths earlier this week. Now the short term SMA is well above the long-term trend line indicating bulls may break key resistance quite easily. There is a bit of sell off with consolidation trying to form, as both the RSI and Stochastic show oversold conditions. Bitcoin’s price could see a correction in the near future, but it depends on the when buyers run out of steam. If a drop takes place, order books and some Fibonacci retracements indicate some possible $8,500-8,800 scenarios short-term. For now, bitcoin is trying to hold steady above $9K to keep the momentum going.

Global Interest

Bitcoin has had a fashionable year all around, as mainstream media and the masses are taking notice of the currency’s benefits. Every single top publication and television news channel worldwide has mentioned bitcoin this year, and most of them are talking about it optimistically – with mainstream media highlighting the decentralized currency in some form multiple times a week these days. Media pundits are all talking about bitcoin mining, people using the currency, and, of course, the significant price rise.

In addition to the media attention, citizens all across the globe hear about bitcoin far more often than they did in the past. Back in 2015, you could ask someone about bitcoin, and they wouldn’t know what you were talking about. Now, a friend of a friend or family member who knows a cousin just so happens to mine bitcoin – it’s like suddenly everyone knows about bitcoin!

Alongside this, the world’s citizen’s are using BTC in great number where economies are failing; capital controls are tightening, austerity measures are getting worse, and national currencies are suffering from hyperinflation. These countries include places like Venezuela, China, Zimbabwe, Mexico, and many other areas around the world. And we can’t forget about Japan whose been one of the friendliest nations towards bitcoin so far, as the country has legalized BTC for payments across the land. Japan has streamlined thousands of merchants who accept bitcoin, and roughly 88% of the country’s people have heard about BTC.