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SIGEN is a cryptocurrency trading platform.
3 in 1: exchange, P2P platform, and exchanger.
SIGEN is a platform for trading cryptocurrency for any fiat currency in the world. Trade on an exchange and earn money on fluctuations of exchange rates, save cryptocurrency, and exchange it for fiat money or other coins rapidly and with no intermediaries. You can do all this with minimum fees, high speed, automatic withdrawals and absolute security. With SIGEN, you don't have to wait, pay high fees and face the risk of running into conmen or being hacked.
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Our platform gives you 3 options all in one place:
Trade on an exchange.
Trade cryptocurrency with others and earn money on fluctuations in the exchange rate. We charge a minimum fee and allow you to withdraw the cryptocurrency automatically and without any delays.
You deposit your funds in your wallet.
Select cryptocurrency pair.
Create an offer to buy/sell cryptocurrency, specify your terms and make a deal
Buy/sell cryptocurrency for fiat money on our P2P platform.
Your transactions are protected by ESCROW and Social Trust Scoring. You can use various currencies and payment systems.
Create an offer to buy/sell cryptocurrency for fiat money and specify your terms.
SIGEN informs you that a counterparty (buyer/seller) has been found. You finalize the terms and conditions of the transaction with your counterparty
Once the transaction begins, the seller's cryptocurrency is locked (put in escrow) by SIGEN until the buyer transfers the payment for it. The buyer transfers funds to the seller's account. As soon as the seller confirms that the funds have been received, the previously locked cryptocurrency is transferred to the buyer's account.
Exchange currency rapidly in 1 click without signing up.
Use our auto-exchanger to buy/sell cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate without bothering with trading.
Select the other currency for exchange and specify the required information: e-mail, amount to be exchanged, wallet for funds receipt.
Transfer coins to the specified wallet.
After your transaction is approved several times, the relevant amount is automatically sent to your wallet.